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As a Creative Advertising Boutique

We help businesses sell more products and services to more customers at higher profitability. Our solutions will be innovative, effective and classic, but not typical, and this makes our Creative Boutique very special. Whether you draw upon our expertise in conventional or technology initiatives, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations or media, our purpose remains the same. To create a powerful marketing message that reaches the hearts and minds of the people you need to influence.

How do we work?

When a client teams up with CDI, we become the extended marketing arm of the client within the same team, and ultimately, although we may not always agree on the same approach, we will all have the same goal, which is “SUCCESS for our client”. And as your trusted agents, we combine strategic skills with the flexibility, creative spirit and response time of a boutique agency in order to walk alongside you on the path to reaching our mutual goal, SUCCESS. A marketing and advertising agency's ability to develop your marketing and advertising campaigns is essential to the success of your promotions. A well-developed media plan can improve and increase the reach and frequency of your message. CDI Marketing and Advertising, as a full-service agency, offers media buying and planning services that work wonders for your marketing campaigns, and sets you apart.